C2P2 is established as dynamically developing computer-based interactive and independent e-learning solutions. It provides high quality animated, tailored and user-friendly services containing various online courses for the students from class VI to class XII. C2P2 has developed a place of learning where teachers and students can stay connected if also they are miles apart. The training can be delivered by number of means such as doubt clearing classes, interactive videos, online lecturers etc. in the past, learning included mainframe computers, floppy diskettes, CD-ROMS, video disks, etc. IOT being the trending web technology uses everything in a smart way like smart class rooms and, C2P2 being the emerging place to connect the teachers and the students uses smart classes with smart teachers with smart way of learning and staying connected to the social world. Future trends are looking forward at the training provided via PDA's, cell phones and also can have offline applications for learning in rural areas if no internet connection is available. This new form of education is called as M-Learning or Mobile Learning. It is especially useful for organizations that operate from multiple offices and require a training solution that connects people at all locations, at any time providing a standardized set of instruction and e-learning to foster "enterprise transformation and enhance ROI" .


  • Mission
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c2p2shiksha helps the students to build interest in learning the subjects. It provides opportunity to practice a large number of multiple choice questions from different chapters for NEET or IIT-JEE, based on three categories CONCEPTUAL, APPLIED and SKILLED BASE.

To provide an online educational platform that develops students curiosity and creativity.

Our focus is to exceed your goals, meet your timelines and successfully manage your budget. We provide our clients with top-notch general contracting, construction management, site surveys and design build services.

We have successfully completed projects in numerous states.
We is licensed to perform general contracting work in most states.
We will be open to obtaining new licensing if an opportunity arises



C2P2 Starts at Gurgaon.


Our VST and Exam System Lunches.


We started our Odisha Branch.


We started in five other states.